As a business owner I create income from different channels.

One of my channels is the Little Reader products. Imagine my excitement when I got an order to be posted to Valencia! (Just on time)

I wrapped the order and had the perfect official excuse to leave home for a little walk to the post office. Free to be outside and breath some air.

On the way to the entrance I saw many people, but I couldn’t believe that all of them were queuing for the same place. However, they were all waiting in line for the post office!

It took me a while to realize this! I approached who I thought was at the end, and joined the endless queue, expecting a long wait. As you know, as a street photographer, I’m always ready to shoot, I never get bored waiting. So, I grab my Huawei 30 light phone (technology make my life easier and my back healthier) and I started taking pictures. Not easy with the 2m rule :-) but I always find the way.

As I also like to know new people I started to chat with a sweet Brazilian girl standing behind me with her dog. When she lit her cigarette I knew I had a picture to take and a story to tell. Asking for her permission, I started to take photos, waiting for the best moment.

I queued for around 2 hours!!!! but this time I was't in a hurry to go anywhere, ha ha (good opportunity to practice your patience) I was calm and excited to capture our current strange reality.