“Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is.”

This picture reminds me of this quote.

It was taken on the way back from enjoying some sport, after quite a long time on Lockdown.

This Corona virus situation has made people feel deep fear and react illogically.

Even when it was possible to go out some people still stayed home because of fear.

Fear is a very negative emotion that is created by negative thoughts; If you don’t have a strong mindset and you let pictures and videos, published in the news, affect you, you’ll grow and nurture a fear bigger than the reality.

As people’s imaginations work extra time, they imagine themselves in far worse situations.

Why? Because people feel comfortable with what is familiar to them but uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. (Marisa Peer)

Generation to generation grew with fear so fear is what they know. But as of today you have access to different knowledge so you can choose to think differently.

Make the unfamiliar, familiar. Inform yourself and change the fear feelings to positive vibes. Everything has a good side. Focus on the good and that´s what you´ll attract to your life.

Taken by my Mobile phone.