Family Adventure Documentary Photographer

Fotografía documental de familias en Marbella/Malaga

Capturing the soul of your family in wild locations

that allow everyone to open their hearts, imagine, connect with nature, and dream.

Children express deep emotions and authentic feelings, which I capture and convert

into the most important artwork to hang on your walls.

authentic moment of a girl joyfully splashing water at Costa Del Sol beach.

I specialize in documenting families exactly as they are in real life,

telling the story of a moment in life,

capturing all the emotions and connections

in a natural way when every family member feels

comfortable, free, and happy

to be themselves and to act as they feel like in each moment.

Your family is my art

Fuengirola family photographer

An authentic moment during cake time at a birthday party photo session

My photography style and how I approach it.

In my sessions, it's all about fun for the children! When they engage in exciting activities with their family, genuine smiles naturally emerge. I don't instruct them on where to stand, how to smile, or how to interact with their siblings. Recognizing that children and parents can become bored, impatient, and uncomfortable during photoshoots, I opt to skip the unnatural poses and instead prioritize enjoyment, laughter, and genuine moments.


Children don't need to behave or feel uncomfortable.


No need for special home cleaning or organizing.

No posing, looking perfect, or fake expressions.


Heart Centered photography. Just be Yourself.

The perfect combination of Mission - Emotions - Art

i'm here for a reason, I have a mission in this world, I was giving a talent to use my camera like a bird, flying from above capturing this world’s beauty, stunning people and unforgettable emotional moments.

Your Authentic you


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Man portrait Malaga

Lux Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy Clinic

Stuart Ashing

" Inbal is a very dynamic photographer. The session was more dynamic than other sessions I've had! Inbal did indeed open me up the deeper me and this shows through in the end result. My wife knows me very well and said these are excellent."

Family photography photo session

Owner at the Board walk restaurant - Marbella

Kara Caradas

"A True Artist!! Couldn’t be Happier with the Shoot! Inbal Captured each Moment Perfectly!! Fantastic"

Event documentary style photography

C.E.O & Founder at Euro Weekly Newspaper - Costa Del Sol

Michel Euesden

"Inbal Hillel, you have a GIFT . It is more than talent - it is an ability to photograph the soul of those you see through your lens of the camera !Really magical. Thank you".

Among my clients

Alberto besga
More crochet please
Sara powell
Euro weekly
Debra butterfly children
Boardwalk Marbella resturant
Premier dead sea
Pura natura

About The Photographer

Hi Its Inbal,

Adventure mom of two stunning teenage boys, sharing my happy life with my beloved Spanish man in Costa del Sol, Spain. I started taking photos at 18 years old and have never stopped.  As a free, wild, and spontaneous person, I love to capture people and situations authentically—in what the professional world calls documentary style.

I'm also a traveler at heart, having already visited 30 countries, and I have no plans to stop...

In 2021, I began experiencing the amazing life of traveling and living in a motorhome, to the point where I prefer it much more than my apartment. :-)

I've been a student of personal growth for more than 17 years, elevating my awareness and energy to new levels each time, reconnecting with myself and my life's purpose, and understanding what truly matters in life: health, my family, deep connections, happiness, love, and accepting everything life brings as a lesson to learn and an opportunity to grow and change. I also learned to detoxify from unnecessary things, choosing simplicity, flow, and laughter as guiding principles.   

Can't wait to meet you and create magic together.

What else I love to Photoshoot?

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