Family & Vacation Story Telling / La historia de tu Familia

As a result of my photos, families shine bright together, feel proud and have life-long memories that they can hang on the wall, look at and talk about for years to come.

Let me give a visual voice to your family’s life journey.

Child authentic portrait

Family photography costa del sol
Family photography costa del sol
Family photography costa del sol

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it"

How many great pictures do you have with your family?

You and your kids. You and your parents. You and your grandson…

That picture with everybody included, nobody missing, done by a professional and not with a phone.

Families are gold across the generations whether they’re your children, siblings, parents or third cousins-once-removed. Family is your most important asset, the heart and soul of your existence which is why they deserve to captured by a professional and the moment frozen forever. 

hildren photography costa del sol

Why do you need professional family portrait?

· Because it’s the best gift you can give your family, it’s priceless.

· You want the perfect reminder of time spent as a family together.

· You want to capture the heart and soul of everyone in the group, young and not so young.

·  To give you a lasting memento you’ll hold dear across the years. 

· Take pride of place in your home as a memory of you and your loved ones.

· Because nobody knows the future – we have today but tomorrow is promised to no one. 

Family photography Marbella

Studio or documentary- choose the right one for you

My professional family portraits have two formats: studio and documentary, each very different but both equally stunning.

Studio Photoshoot

You and your family group come to my home studio for a photoshoot in natural light and with professional styling.

· When you arrive, I take a ‘before’ picture

·  We then go through the styling process to choose your outfits and accessories and make sure everyone is color-coordinated.

·  You all have professional styling (hair and makeup) to make this truly a picture to treasure.

·  We then all spend a fun few hours together as I direct you to the right angle, poses and postures. And when you’re relaxing, I capture those moments between the moments for extra pictures to cherish.

Documentary photoshoot

You choose the location (your family home, a place you love in nature, your favourite beach…) and we meet there.

From the moment I arrive, this is a natural photoshoot. No one needs to sit still or pose. Everyone wears what they like and you don’t have to tidy up or create a studio space. This is all about you and your family doing your thing while I capture you on camera, from different angels, without interrupting.

We then spend a very happy few hours as I capture all the little moments that make up your magical family. Your special relationship with the people you love, laughing, crying, eating, playing, having fun… 

I capture the real, the authentic, the personality and soul

of your love ones.

Children photography Malaga