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If when I was growing up, you’d have told me that I’d spend a large part of my adult life behind a camera, I’d never have believed you. If you’d said that I’d be a professional photographer, my eyes would have opened even wider. But despite it taking a while to get to where I am today, it’s certainly true that all roads in my life have led me to photography.

Event photography story telling style
Family photography Costa Del Sol
Family photography Malaga
Family photography Marbella
Children photography Costa Del Sol
Alberto Besga Sculpture Costa Del sol
Children documentary photo-shoot
With my mentor Bob Proctor
Inbal Photographer Costa Del Sol
Family photography Costa Del Sol
Alberto Besga sculpture Costa Del Sol
With my mentor Peggy McColl
With Mary Morrissey
Traveler and Photographer
Alberto Besga artist

My First Camera

I got my first camera as a surprise from my boyfriend after a car crash at 18 years old. What started as a pastime taking snaps of my surroundings quickly turned into a full-blown love.

I also travelled to more than 30 countries soaking up the moments, people and culture and capturing it all on camera.

First Pro Shots

But then real life reared its head and it was time to do something practical with this hobby. I learnt photography in Tel Aviv and launched myself as a wedding photographer. I was the one who climbed on trees for that bird’s eye view, lay on the floor to get the different picture and the one who captured the soul, not just the smile.

As a result, I was very successful and had a diary crammed full of weddings to take pictures of. But then reality got in the way again when I fell pregnant. Climbing trees wasn’t practical anymore so I took time out for another of my life’s passions, being a high awareness loving mum and raising my children to be multilingual.

That Special Realization

As well as caring for my children, I wrote an international best seller book and set up a company distributing early education software for parents to help their children learn languages from 4 months old. All good but not as fulfilling as taking pictures. My camera always beckoned but my inner self wouldn’t allow me to believe I could live an abundant life with my art. Until a lightbulb moment when I realized that the universe had given me this special talent, it really felt like I had been chosen to the task and now I just need to go for it and make it happen. I´m on a mission bigger than my little self, I need to show people how beautiful they are and capture unforgettable moments surrounding me. 

The rest, as they say, is history. After moving to southern Spain in 2010, taking pictures have become my true vocation.

My passions

Dedicating my professional life to photography has allowed me to discover an obsessive passion and an artistic talent that fill my life with enthusiastic, energy and happiness. I love seeing people grow more confident through my photos, having new doors open for them.

What’s come truly natural for me is the documentary style photography. Capturing reality as it is, without posing or additional light, capturing the moment, the emotion and the truth. 

When I’m not behind the camera, I love any kind of adventure, trekking, diving, 4x4 travels, getting to know new cultures and food. I love to talk to the people in the street, to connect and discover the amazing world we live in.

I live with my boys, my partner Alberto and our two cats in Fuengirola, where we have found great weather, loving community and peace.

I’m really happy that you’re here and look forward to capturing the very best of you on camera. Get in touch to arrange a session. 

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I can't wait to take your beautiful pictures, bring your feeling & connections to life and tell your story with my camera.

I help people get the authentic stunning portrait of a lifetime, showing their real personality, inner and outer beauty and lifting their self-esteem, a portrait that they can hang up and be proud of all their life.

I help businesses, in Costa Del Sol, look good in the online world, attract the right clients and get more connections.

I help families capture sweet moments they want to cherish forever.

I capture those unforgettable moments that nobody capture.

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