Graffiti by: Steve Camino Name: MIRADA MEDITERRÁNEA Location: C/ de la Paz, 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, España

Through this artwork, the artist endeavors to capture the serene blue tint that graces the sky, the radiant light that bathes the sandy beaches, and the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. It's a harmonious blend, ensuring that anyone who sets foot on this terrain carries a unique gleam in their eyes.

One of Fuengirola's family-friendly activities in 2023 is walking through the Boquetillo neighborhood (barrio) and seeing the beautiful graffiti painted on the buildings.

In the heart of Fuengirola, nestled within the old neighborhood of El Boquetillo, lies an outdoor gallery adorned with 19 captivating murals on various buildings. Standing proudly around the Market building is a grand mural that transforms the area into an urban art museum. This collection of murals has become known as the "Paseo de los Murales," translating to the Mural Walk.

Two of these artworks have earned their place among the 25 best murals globally, solidifying Fuengirola's status as a hub for exceptional street art. Renowned national and international artists, including Sevilla's Fabián Bravo and Malaga's Nesui, have contributed to the creation of these impressive murals.

¨The Paseo de los Murales¨ is not merely a visual feast; it's an immersive experience where each mural tells a unique story. As you stroll through the neighborhood, you'll encounter murals that captivate the imagination and invoke thoughtful reflections.

Take the time to pause at each mural and share with your children the unique narratives crafted by the talented artists. For instance, one captivating piece is titled "Adapt Or..." by Lidia Cao. As you stand before this artwork, you can explain to your children the profound message it carries about adaptation and resilience. The mural, featuring a young boy beneath the sea with closed eyes, symbolizes the human capacity to overcome challenges and create a safe haven through determination and rational thinking.

Encourage your children to ask questions and express their interpretations of the murals. This interactive exploration not only adds educational value but also fosters a deeper appreciation for art and storytelling. The Paseo de los Murales becomes a canvas for learning and discovery, creating lasting memories for you and your family.

In this unique outdoor museum, the walls come alive with stories waiting to be uncovered. So, take the opportunity to connect with your children through art, allowing them to see the world in new and imaginative ways as they explore the vibrant tales painted on the canvases of El Boquetillo.


Exploring Graffiti in El Boquetillo Neighborhood:

Mainly Around Calles Valladolid and La Paz in Fuengirola