Policies and Terms


1. Prices are subject to change at any given time without notice unless locked in with a paid reservation fee.

2. Cash, check, and credit card are accepted. (Please note: Debit/credit card purchases on orders over $150 are subject to a 3% convenience fee). 

3. All products and packages are subject to Michigan sales tax. 

4. Final payment is due at time of ordering. If final payment cannot be made at that time, a 15% fee on the order total will be added to place your order. 

5. Payment is DUE IN FULL. Postdated checks are not accepted.

6. Once an order for products and packages is made and placed with my pro printer, there are will be no refunds.

7. You will be shown a minimum of fifteen (15) photos from your session (unless it is a mini session). Any image that does not meet the quality standards of A Moment 2 Remember Photography will not be shown or available for purchase.

8. After the client viewing gallery has been released, the client has a maximum of 2 weeks to meet with me at my in-home studio to place an order. Should the client require extra time an additional week will be granted at a $50 fee. If at that time the client has still not met with me and paid for an order IN FULL additional fees will be applied. (Please see #4 in the policies section)

9. Generally, orders will be ready for pick-up or delivery within 3 weeks from the time the order was placed and paid in full. *Specialty items may take longer.

10. Ordered photos are retained by A Moment 2 Remember Photography for 1-year from the day of the photo shoot. Unordered photos will be purged after thirty (30) days from the day of your ordering session.

11. All sales are final.


1. RESERVATION/RETAINER FEE: The reservation/retainer fee of $200 is due at the time of agreeing to a session. There will be a 24 hour holding period. Should the fee not be paid within 24 hours of agreeing to a session, your scheduled day and time will be released to other potential clients and a $50 service fee will be added to re-book your session. Reservation fees are deducted from the final order total at the ordering session. Reservation fees are non-refundable, and are applied to work rendered by the photographer for booking, setting up, styling, and planning your session as well as any session loss due to your booked date. Reservation/retainer fees can however be applied to another session within 6 months of the originally schedule session.

2. SESSION FEE: All clients must pay a non-refundable session fee ($195+ depending on the session type) that is due the day of your session. Session fees only cover the time and talent of the photographer and do not include any products, packages, or digital files. Session fees are non-refundable, and are applied to work rendered by the photographer during the actual session as well as any session loss due to your booked date.  

Please note that mini/milestone session are all inclusive and do not have a session fee.

3. ORDERS/PACKAGES: ALL FULL sessions are required to create their own package and MUST choose one product from category a and at LEAST ONE product from any of the other 3 categories as outlined in my pricing and package guide. Custom created packages start at $925 and increase from there. The $200 reservation/retainer fee is deducted from the grand total of your order. Prices are subject to change at any time; however the prices in effect at the time your reservation fee was paid will remain as such for your scheduled shoot. If you are grandfathered in for any year previous to those stated, then you agree to the pricing guidelines that were in place at the time of paying your reservation fee.

4. PHOTO INTEGRITY: Any image that may contain closed eyes, motion blur, or does not meet the standards of A Moment 2 Remember Photography will not be available for viewing or purchase.

5. UNCONTROLLABLES: While I use my years of knowledge and expertise to give you the best possible session I can, there will be times when I am unable to control certain portions of your session. When working with babies and small children there are never guarantees. You can trust that I will come armed to your session with all the tricks needed to keep a baby sleeping or a toddler smiling, but sometimes tiny people just refuse to cooperate in the way that we hope and even armed with our best tricks things may not go as planned. Rest assured, if the little's decide to throw a curve ball, I can still take wonderful pictures of an awake newborn, and even though some older babies or toddler sessions won't produces frame after frame of grins and giggles, I can still capture their more serious side and that can be just as cute as a smiling picture. While we all show up to the session hoping for the perfect case scenario and prepared with the skill to try and attain that goal, ultimately I cannot force a baby or a child to smile or sleep on command and I make no guarantees that either of those two things will happen. I use my years of experience and try my hardest to deliver the perfect 'text book' session, but sometimes I have to work with what I have in front of me to create the best possible pictures I can. Ultimately, on the day of your session, I will capture your child's mood on that particular day and in the time frame we have to work with. Sessions will not be re-shot due to lack of smiles or a more serious personality then commonly exhibited at home. Order/payment requirements stand in situations beyond my control as long as the picture is technically correct and children are not emotionally hysterical. Furthermore, refunds will not be issued in these types of situations.  

6. PRINTING RELEASE: The printing release grants you permission to print your selected photos. You are free to print these photos for any lawful purpose; however, you are prohibited from altering the image in any way, shape, or form whether it be in Photoshop, Instagram, Picasa, or any other editing programs, etc. Print release does NOT grant you copyright benefits, but only printing rights. Images are NOT allowed to be entered into contests or used for any modeling or publication use without the expressed written consent of A Moment 2 Remember Photography.

7. A MOMENT 2 REMEMBER PHOTOGRAPHY'S STYLE: In the photos, A Moment 2 Remember provides a variety of custom, post-processed enhanced edits. Every photographer has his or her own “style”. Part of A Moment 2 Remember Photography’s style is the way the images are enhanced. The way the photo is edited is considered final, and may not be available in another form. Please be sure to review A Moment 2 Remember Photography's website: www. amoment2rememberphoto. com to ensure my style meets your needs before booking a session.

8. RESCHEDULING & CANCELLATIONS: Sessions are subject to rescheduling due to illness or weather complications. All other reasons will be decide upon on a case-to-case basis. Cancelling a session with less then 24 hours notice will result in a $50 service fee added to your session fee. While reservation fees are non-refundable, they can be applied to another session if completed within 6 months of the original scheduled session.

9. RE-SHOOTS: Re-shoots are at the discretion and request of A Moment 2 Remember Photography. Should the photographer feel a particular session did not meet the studio’s high standards the client may be asked to do a re-shoot at no additional costs to the client. Should a client request a re-shoot, the studio will make a decision on a case-to case basis given the facts on hand. Should A Moment 2 Remember decide to grant a re-shoot, stipulations will apply. Only 1 re-shoot will be granted per client. Subsequent requests will be denied and all money’s already paid will be considered non-refundable and client will be held to the placing an order with the minimum requirement of selecting an option from category a and a minimum of one product from category b, c, and d in the package and pricing guide (full sessions).  The client will also be subject to paying an additional session fee ($195+ depending on the session). The original session fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in the case of a client requested re-shoot. All images for the original session will be purged and may not be purchased or given to the client. 

10. REFUND POLICY: There will be no refunds once an order for products and packages is placed and sent to my pro printer. Reservation fees and sessions fees are always non-refundable. 

11. PHOTOGRAPHIC DYES: While my boutique prints do have a special coating that is meant to protect the dyes in my prints from significantly fading over time, client is aware that color dyes in photography may eventually fade or discolor due to the inherent qualities of the dyes, and Client releases the Photographer from any liability for any claims whatsoever based upon fading or discoloration due to such inherent qualities.

13. HOLD HARMLESS: Client releases the Photographer from any liability for any claims whatsoever.  

12. RIGHTS OF REFUSAL: During portrait photography sessions, there may be certain poses, props, and/or positions that can sometimes lead to unexpected injury. At any time during the session, the client has the right to refuse the use of props and/or poses. Should the client choose to use said props/poses instead of refuse them, the client hereby release and hold harmless A Moment 2 Remember Photography, LLC, or those acting under their permission, from any liability resulting from any malfunction or injury that may occur during the portrait session.

13. SECURITY SURVEILLANCE: For the safety of our clients and staff, A Moment 2 Remember Photography uses camera and/or video surveillance equipment in strategically located internal and external areas of the studio to monitor movements. Cameras may operate continuously and surveillance may be ongoing. By signing this document, you are agreeing to be recorded during your time on the premises.  


All images are the sole property of A Moment 2 Remember Photography, LLC and are protected by Federal Copyright laws. Images may NOT be reproduced (which includes copy, scan, download, print, e-mail) without the expressed written permission of A Moment 2 Remember Photography. A Moment 2 Remember Photography retains the right to all images for promotional or competitive use. Copying images without permission is punishable by up to a $150,000 fine.


I hereby grant A Moment 2 Remember Photography and their legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of myself, family, and/or child/ren, or photographs in which myself, family, and/or child/ren will be included for editorial, trade, advertising, and any other purpose and in any other manner of good taste. I hereby release A Moment 2 Remember Photography and their legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. I commission A Moment 2 Remember Photography (Jessica Barefield), to photograph myself and/or my underage children. In the case that the subject/s is a minor/s, I confirm that I am the parent/legal guardian of the child/ren in this session.

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