¨Find your Inner Lioness, Find Your Inner Roar...

And Never Let It Go, Ever¨

Michel Euesden is unquestionably a true force of nature!

She crackles with energy and commitment and has spent the last 20+ years making her mark in the English-speaking community in Spain.

As a mother and grandmother, she understands how important family is and she likes to refer to those who work with her as part of her extended family.

With the support of her husband Steven, Michel has worked tirelessly to create a successful business which caters to visitors and those of us who have put down roots in Spain and her ‘baby’ Euro Weekly News not only has the largest circulation of any English language newspaper in Spain but has won numerous awards for its quality.

Things haven’t always been easy and there have been hurdles in her way as she built the business but with a combination of determination and strong north country endeavour, they have all been overcome.

There is a sound commercial side to Michel that means that she will not hesitate to cross swords with those who unreasonably stand in her way because as a strong business woman, she will not be diverted from her aims.

This doesn’t mean however that she doesn’t have a softer, gentle side to her and she has for years been involved in supporting charities and helping those who need a hand when suffering from personal problems.

Illness is a bit like roulette, it can fall randomly and with no obvious reason and Michel has had more than her fair share of medical treatment but even when she could barely drag herself out of bed, she would put on her makeup to allow her to present a brave face and just forced herself to work.

Her commitment to Spain is clear for all to see and one of her mantras in the office has always been, try not to be negative about the country that has welcomed us but write in a manner that encourages people to visit and remain here.

Euro Weekly News is a free paper and relies on advertising to keep publishing and many of its advertisers have been taking space for many years as they have found that the paper actually gets results.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit so many people so badly that many businesses will fail but not Euro Weekly News if Michel has anything to do with it.

Advertising has dropped dramatically, which means that the size of each regional edition has had to follow suit but by investing in upgrading the web site and using their own personal finances, Michel and Steven have kept publishing with the majority of staff in situ even if they have changed roles.

There has been a turnover in writers but this is unsurprising as many younger people who have just obtained degrees in journalism come for a year to hone their skills and then return to the UK with a CV that boasts work for a successful Spanish newspaper.

In other areas however, there are many long-serving employees with 10 years+ under their belts and in one case 19 years, so they are part of the family and are being looked after.

Michel will weather this current storm as she has with all of the others over the past 21 years of the paper and because of the enforced confinement she has had a great deal of time to plan for the future.

This is an example of a strong and positive woman committed to a community which is ever changing and Michel is perfectly prepared to adapt to the new whilst maintaining her core beliefs in both the business and her personal life.

Euro weekly celebrate 20 years